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Sunday 22nd January 2006:
Winter afternoon concert in the abbey church of Loosduinen
Performance as guests of the women's choir Pro Cantare from The Hague 








This year:


Poster of the concert
(provisional picture)

The abbey church, the oldest building of The Hague (± 1230)    



Saturday 28th January 2006: 
Festive opening of the Nutshuis (Public benefits house) in The Hague
Mannenkoorts performed in the beautifully restored commissioners room on the first floor.












Het Nutshuis on the Dagelijkse Groenmarkt in The Hague    


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Sunday 26th March 2006:
Feast for the 50th birthday of 
Arie in Gouda

in the cellars of the fine historic town hall.






Eric and Peter in 'On his queerness' and... the whole of Mannenkoorts, during Arie's 50th birthday  

EuroPride Sings London 
Mannenkoorts was invited as 'special guests' by the London Gay Men's Chorus (LGMC).

Saturday 24th June 2006:
Performance in the Museum of London at the
Opening ceremony of the exposition Queer is here, about the history of the gay community in London.

Group picture (with a lady) in front of the Museum of London... and the performance in the main entrance hall 
(photo Kees Meiling)

Monday 26th June 2006:
EuroPride Sings Gala London
in the over 900 seats big Queen Elizabeth Hall of the South Bank Centre, together with the LGMC, the Pink Singers, Diversity, the Rainbow Chorus und the City of Brighton Gay Men's Chorus.

Alongside a detail picture of the joined finale: An all girl band. In the middle of this song, about the boring life of a domestic drudge, we suddenly appeared on stage wearing yellow marigolds. Listen here to a sound recording of this hilarious moment, and the response of the audience!

OK, one more time the Kaktus. The joined finale of the EuroPride Sings Gala in the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London  

Saturday 25th and 
Sunday 26th November 2006:
The traditional
Rehearsal weekend, this year again in Laren in Guelders.

Hard practising during the day and... ...in the evening time for a snug game of Dutch shuffle board   

(Christmas)concerts The Hague
- Sunday 3rd December in Basta,
- Monday 11th December in the Willem Drees nursing home (see pic), 
- Thursday 14th December on a staff reception at the Justice Council and
- Monday 18th December at René's home

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