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Welkom Wilkommen

The Hague  /  Delft  /  Gouda (the Netherlands)

Currently we are busy preparing for our performances at the
Various Voices Festival in Munich (Germany) in May.

All music has been selected and is being rehearsed. Hanna is busily working on the choreographies. And the 1 minute introduction trailer is ready (thanks to Willem) and can be admired on the left...

In Munich we will perform at least three times; see events
Furthermore there will of course be parties, with guests like Chonchita Wurst and the - in the classical music scene - world famous German counter-tenor Andreas Scholl. 
We really look forward to this festival!

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With joy we announce the arrival of our new low bass 
(on the photo in purple). We call him


 Would you like to be presented here before long? We currently have a vacancy for a high tenor. And this summer a place for a baritone 
becomes available

More info...
(in Dutch only)

last update:
March 15, 2018
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