< First tenor Eric is an active lad. He paints and plays the piano, e.g. to accompany himself. Singing is an important part of his live. Eric works at public transport firm HTM.


After 10 year with Vox Rosa, Peter became tenor in Mannenkoorts. Singing in a smaller choir just is more fun, he thinks. Peter works at OOM insurances and loves Annie M.G. Schmidt songs.


< Apart from being second tenor, René is also the director of Mannenkoorts. His musical career started with piano lessons and clarinet playing at the local brass band in Sevenum. In 2008 he also started playing the cello.


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Ruud is our second 2nd tenor. He lives 'on Shceveningen' and works in The Hague at the State council.
Ruud joggs regularly through the dunes near his home, makes beautiful floral arrangements and is a avid Eurovision Song Contest adept. >



< Arie lives in the famous cheese town of Gouda and works in Rotterdam as ambulatory psychiatric nurse on the Early Intervention Team for Psychoses of the Parnassia group. He loves far away travels and mountain hiking (and the combination of the two). Arie is one of the two baritones.


Willem is a 3D-designer/artist and full time bon vivant.
In Mannenkoorts he is baritone, web master and maker and caretaker of many of the props. >


from Rotterdam is a HRM consultant at
Focus Nederland and sings 2nd bass. Gé also is a creative person: he designs and builds furniture and is always busy devising things for our programs, like the new rainbow costumes.


Steven is a former judge, who in his latter years started to take singing more seriously and who now sings as a lower bass with Mannenkoortst. A born Brabantine, who in the mean time has been living happily for forty years in Scheveningen. Apart from beach and sea addict he is a frequent theater visitor for e.g. stage performances, cabaret and music. His life's motto? God allows laughing. (Annie M.G. Schmidt). >


Hanna Samson is a dance mistress at rest. But on us she still sets her, sometimes bizarre choreographies. When she is not moulding us, she does that with clay; or she is busy in her beautiful garden. 


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