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aturday February 2nd 2019,
De Nieuwe Regentes Den Haag
Guest performance at
'Love is in the Air' by Vox Rosa, together with vocal trio the Homonics from Dublin and Coba & her Cobats

Saturday 4 Mai 4th 2019, International homo monument Den Haag
War Memorial Day
with performances by Mannenkoorts
Vox Rosa and de Heksenketel




The current cast of Mannenkoorts during the first Christmas concert of 2019, in the Akoesticum in Ede





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Wednesday June 26th 2019,
Raad van State The Hague
Private performance for our 2nd tenor Ruud, who retired from his job

Sunday June 30th 2019, Stadsschouw- burg & Philharmonie Haarlem
Quartet day & workshop
at the 10th Choirbiennale in Haarlem

Thursday August 22nd 2019
Respect zorggroep Den Haag

Concert for residents

Sunday August 25th 2019
Florence zorggroep Den Haag

Concert for residents

Saturday November 2nd 2019
Koorenhuis, Den Haag

Gig at Benefit festival Focus & Friends for KiKa (Kids with cancer) Scheveningen, with popchoir Focus and many others

Sunday November 24th 2019
try-out in het Akoesticum, Ede

'An early Christmas'

Friday December 13th 2019
Museum Gouda in Gouda, 4.00 PM (Gasthuiskapel) and 7.45 PM (het Ruim)
Gigs at candles-evening Gouda: Gouda in candle light
(link in English)

Wednesday December 18th, 6.00 PM
Lange Voorhout Den Haag
Gigs at Royal Christmas Fair
(link in English)

Thursday December 19th 2019
Living group Nolenshoek (@ Gerard)
Christmas performance 

Saturday December 21st 2019
Hospital Antoniushove Leidschendam
Christmas performance

Performance at the Royal Christmas Fair on the Lange Voorhout.

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