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Welkom Wilkommen

The Hague  /  Delft  /  Gouda (the Netherlands)

The new year 2020 has started,
with as a highlight to look forward to
the 2nd Dutch Pink Choirs Festival Tutti in The Hague, 
organised by the Heksenketel, Vox Rosa and Mannenkoorts

So mark in your diary: Pentecoste Saturday Mai 30th, 2020...

But first of all we of course would like to wish you all

a very happy, musical and healthy new year!!!

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New Year's resolutions? To start singing (again)?

Mannenkoorts is looking for a ninth member, preferably a (low)
baritone or bass, in order to be able to sing in 3 x 3 parts and to
be less vulnerable in concerts with illnesses or other absences.

If you are interesed check out our advertisement (in Dutch).

last update:
Jan 1st, 2020
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