Mannenkoorts is a vocal double quartet from The Hague in the Netherlands, that was founded in 1994 as part of the Hague gay men's choir Vox Rosa. The choir sings exclusively a cappella, which means without accompaniment. The musical leadership lies in the hands of director and co-choir singer René Jakobs.

As usual with a real gay choir, Mannenkoorts does not only sing; movement, costumes and staging form an essential part of our performances. The choir members are therefor very pleased to have their own choreographer Hanna Samson.

Mannenkoorts rehearses every Tuesday night, usually at the home of one of the members. After the coffee the choir practices intensively. First the music is rehearsed; then the choreography follows.

'... at least we're not a women's choir". Scene from 'Manly Men' by Kurt Knecht. Photo Bram Meijer


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After the rehearsal it is time for socializing with a drink and a bite. Then new ideas and the next performances are discussed.

Mannenkoorts also performs regularly, be it as a guest choir with others, or at our own concerts in and around The Hague. These performances are not limited to the Netherlands. Mannenkoorts performed several times in Germany, the UK, Belgium and France.

In 2002 the choir participated in teh cultural programme of the Gay Games 2002 in Sydney, Australia. Highlight was a standing ovation from more than 2000 spectators in the great auditorium of the famous Sydney Opera House!

In a row in Gouda: from left to right: Peter (bass), Ruud, Peter (tenor), Willem, Arie, Gé, Eric and René. 
Photo Bram Meijer
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