For the Various Voices 2018 festival in Munich Mannenkoorts dived into the world of gossip, slander and fake news. So the title of this programme isl Scandal!

All songs in our 2016-2017 program concerned themselves with the theme Time: about how fast it goes, about lovely times we had somewhere in the past... Some of the new songs we will sing are:
- Time in a Bottle
- Eight Days a Week
- Once upon a Time.
Plus of course a few old familiar songs around the same theme like:
- Ev´ry time we say goodbye und
- For the Longest Time


Poster Tijd om... te Dromen 2017
(Design Gé)
    Fake news in Skandal!


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Poster of Aan - Uit 2015
(Design Eric)

Our program for 2015-2016 was Aan - Uit (On - Off), about the course of a relationship over the years.
Songs that could be heard for the first time in this program were, amongst others:
- He moved through the fair
- Save me (by Queen)
- Rechtop staan (Stand upright, by Mary Roos)
- It's a Beautiful Day (by Michael Bublé)

In 2013 en 2014 we sang our program Staalmeesters (The syndics), which had its première on November 23rd, 2013. With e.g.:
- The Boy from Ipanema
- Lullabye (Goodnight, my angel)
- Veronika, der Lenz ist da
- Still crazy

Poster of Staalmeesters 2013
(Design René)
Our CD Koortsachtig can 
be ordered for 10 Euro 
(incl. postage) by email:

Our program before this was Koortsachtig (Feverish, 2012) with new songs like
- Jaloezie
- Probier's mal mit nem Baß 
- Sh-Boom
- Kein Schwein ruft mich an  
- two classical songs by Schumann
- Telkens weer
- Herenleed (Men's ailments)

and the première for the northern hemisphere of the cycle On his Queerness of the New-Zealander David Hamilton. Part of this program was recorded on CD in Scheveningen, by Jan Maarten van den Boom of
Next Level Audio Recordings.

From Koortsachtig: Group image(in our new outfit) during the quasi
presentation of our first CD (Photo Ivan)


Poster of Koortsachtig 2012 
(design Gé)

Our 2009, 2010 and 2011 program was called 'Mannenkoorts zingt WEER', with songs about the weather, like:
- A foggy day in London town
- It's raining men (reprise from 2004)
- Misty
- Stormy weather
- Wat voor weer zou 't zijn in Den Haag?
  (What will the weather be like in DH?)
- Weet je nog wel, die avond in de regen?
  (Do you recall, that evening in the rain?)
- Wochenend und Sonnenschein / 
  Happy days are here again

In 2008 we presented Open kaart (Show ones cards). This consisted of two parts, named - with a wink to a Dutch television show - Farmer seeks king and Farmer seeks wife. (In Dutch 'farmer' also is the name for a jack and 'wife' the queen of cards). For this program new songs were rehearsed like:
- Ich will keine Schokolade
- Be my number two
- Lebe wohl, gute Reise
- Change the world
- Old and wise.

Scene from the Program Mannenkoorts zingt WEER;
From A foggy day in London town: But suddenly I saw you there....

Poster Open kaart from 2008
(design Gé)

Group image from Open kaart, the performance with - for the first time in our 
existence - a part of the choir in women´s dresses.

The program before Open kaart was From country and town in 2005, about the sweet tranquil life in the countryside versus the hectic of a city (with songs like Sous le ciel d'Amsterdam, our own special 'mix' of Aan de Amsterdamse grachten and Sous le ciel de Paris). See also under Video.

Furthermore we sang:
- in 2004 our 10th anniversary concert  'It's raining men'; the first performance in especially bought posh white tie,

in 2002 ''Life, love and lose sand' together (with Lady be good from Utrecht),

- 'Work in progress' in 1999-2000 (with Winterdorp by Drs. P and our greatest hit ever: Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus/My little green cactus;

And our first real program dates from 1998: 'the New Titanic'; a musical roundtrip along several world cities. Songs from this program were e.g. New York New York, Meet me in St. Louis and of course  Tulips from Amsterdam.


Poster Van Land en Stad 2005
(design Bram)
Poster Lustrum show
It's raining men from 2004 
(design Bram)
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