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A video of our full, most recent big performance at Various Voices 2018 in München in May 2018; with huge thanks to the organisation.

Click on the YouTube logo in the lower right hand corner of the video screens in the left colomn, to watch the videos full size on YouTube.


The first video comes from a great performance in Munich, on the occasion of the 21st birthday of the Philhomoniker: Ich küsse Ihre Hand Madamme (I kiss your hand Madam). Always a resounding success, when totally unexpected a spectator is drawn on stage.
This and the next three videos have been made for us by Winfrid Parkinson of Die kleine Filmfabrik. Many thanks!


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The second video from the same performance in the Old Congress Hall in Munich.
On this video we sing the beautiful balad If ever I could leave you from the musical Camelot.

And the third video, also from the same performance in Munich. 
Time for an exhuberant (and exhausting) choreography with this song by the Chords from 1954: Life could be a dream, most likely better known as Sh-Boom.


The fourth and last HD video of our performance in Munich is a comical song again, by the German group The Wise Guys: Probier's mal mit 'nem Bass. (Try it for once with a Bass).
Something the other voices of the choir do not advise by the way .

Then three videos made and processed by our choreographer Hanna Samson. (Big smacks for all the work Hanna!).

We start with the naughty Veronika der Lenz ist da (Veronica, spring has arrived) from the Comedian Harmonists, about everything that starts to grow in spring...

Then a top hit from the recent past: Herenleed (Gentlement's anguish). With our own Dutch text on Der Speisezettel by Carl Zöllner (and in an arrangement by our choir buddy Benno Jockweg from Homophon Münster), we sing about the ailments that threaten the aging gentleman... Till it all end with 'a beautiful sermon and one slice of cake'.
So you have been warned!

Another merry song with a lethal end: De zusters Karamazov (The sisters K...) by Drs P, or Tante (Aunt) Constance & tante (aunt) Mathilde.

Mannenkoorts always tries to sing as best as possible. But sometimes it is time to kick over the traces like in this video of Gérard*, of a voluntarily gig in the foyer of the Comedia Theatre in Cologne during the Gay Games. 
As for singing technique far from good, but wás it fun. And the audience lustily joined in with our greatest Colognian hit Dat Wasser vun Kölle.

*) Gérard, also thanks of course.

Look on YouTube for more (older) videos.

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12 Nov 2018

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